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Religion of Anglo Saxons essays

Religion of Anglo Saxons essays The nature of the religion of the Germanic settlers is a very difficult subject, since it has to be pieced together from odd references from classical times and later Christian writings which obviously did not want to promote Pagan beliefs. Many modern historians look at the fact that four days of the week are named after Old Germanic deities, corresponding to four of the deities from later Scandinavian religion and shrug it off as being the same as the religion of the Pagan Vikings. Unfortunately, it is not this simple. Whilst it is true that they share many similarities, this attitude is about as valid as saying the Jewish faith and Christianity are the same thing just because they share the Old Testament. Although both the Early English and Viking religions have the same Germanic root, they were very different, and the Viking version had three more centuries of development than the English one. The early English religion had much in common with pre-Roman Celtic beliefs as well as later Scandinavian ones. Unlike the later Scandinavian religion, the supreme deities in English faith were probably goddesses, not gods. The most important of these was Nerthus, the earth mother (the Harvest Queen of folk tradition). She looked after the fertility and well-being of man and beast. It is unclear whether Frija or Frea is a separate goddess, or just another aspect of Nerthus, but she is usually associated with love, lust, yearning and friendship. Other important Goddesses were Eostre, goddess of the dawn, spring and new life (and whose name is given to the spring festival of the Christian faith - Easter), and Rheda or Hreà °, a wà ¦lcyrie and goddess of the winter. Of the gods of the early English we only know of three: Tir, Woden and Thunor (the Tyr, Oà °in and Thor of Viking mythology). Woden seems to have been the most important of these three since most royal lines traced their descent from him, and he survived the Conversion ...

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The myth of American Dream Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The myth of American Dream - Essay Example The American dream is that America is the land of opportunity that all can equally avail of; with immense possibilities and opportunities for upward mobility. It is closely related to the myth of meritocracy that those who work hard â€Å"will enjoy and profit from these opportunities† (Loupe & Ojeda 1). Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the American dream, and the myths related to the concept. The American Dream The American dream includes not only the hope for a brighter future and a formula for success, but also knowledge of outcomes from the fulfillment of the dream. The outcomes include home ownership, improving life chances for children which is today denoted as sending them to college, â€Å"having a chance to get rich, and achieve a secure and comfortable retirement† (McNamee & Miller 9). The prospects for making the American dream come true have declined in recent years, leading to American workers feeling pessimistic about the futur e. Social Mobility and Economic Success The American dream of the promised land of opportunities denotes the possibility and opportunity for social mobility. Economic prosperity is considered to result in upward mobility, with inceasing income leading to a better position in society. Social and economic mobility are mutually related, and both are closely related to income. The American dream is mainly based on the promise of mobility in the economic ladder. According to Browne (p.1), â€Å"the ability of American families to move up or down the income ladder within a lifetime or from one generation to the next, is a unifying and core tenet of the American dream†. Since opportunity is a core element in social mobility and financial success, education is a determining factor for getting opportunities. â€Å"Education is often considered to be at the heart of the social class equation† (Steinberg 269). In a society that values and rewards knowledge and associates it with power, education plays a crucial role in achieving social and economic success. Individualism as the Basis of the American Dream The American dream is founded on an emphasis on the individual and on individualism. Significantly, individualism as the basis of the American dream is deeply rooted in the â€Å"religious, political, economic, and cultural experience of America as a nation of immigrants† (McNamee & Miller 4). Toqueville defines individualism as â€Å"a mature and calm feeling which disposes each member of the community to sever himself from the mass of his fellow creatures† (p.118). He particularly distinguished individualism from egotism; and linked individualism to equality and the absence of aristocracy. Thus, in America people were free to achieve, not through hereditary title, but on their own merit. Therefore the emerging concept of the American dream included both political freedom from tyranny, and also economic freedom to achieve success through one ’s own merits (McNamee & Miller 7). The Myth of the American Dream During the European colonization of America, the indigenous people of America were eliminated, displaced or assimilated, while the imported immigrants who formed other minority groups were exploited for their labor to â€Å"develop the vast resources of America, generate incredible wealth, build its infrastructure and establish cities, towns and industries that would be administered by the

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Nursing and assessment on preparing our aged care facility for Essay

Nursing and assessment on preparing our aged care facility for accreditation - Essay Example These specialties are specifically made in order to provide a specific type of care that these demographics can and will require. These specialties also mean that in order for facilities to be allowed to provide care for certain demographics, they will need to be certified. This paper focuses on healthcare for the elderly population provided by our institution. In the past, our elderly healthcare institution has had difficulty in getting certified in 3.9: Choice and decision making for the elderly demographic. This paper’s purpose and main focus is to provide key information and important feed back on this particular issue in order to prepare the institution and its staff for 3.9: Choice and decision making certification. First, this paper will provide background information on certain topics pertaining to the elderly demographic, as well as provide nursing assessment for an elderly person. After this, the paper will detail some key features specifically pertaining to the area that the institution needs improvement on. This will be noted in order to help the institution’s nurse practitioners to better understand the concept of choice and decision making. The paper will present this information as: What is aging and what is the aging process? Assessment of an aged person. What is consumer participation? What does it entail? Barriers that hinder or impact the facility’s ability to meet standard 3.9: Choice and decision making. How to break through the mentioned barriers and how a quality framework can be used to show improvement. Conclusion What is aging and what are the common aging symptoms? Aging is a natural process that happens very commonly. According to the medical dictionary, â€Å"Human beings reach a peak of growth and development around the time of their mid 20s. Aging is the normal transition time after that flurry of activity.† The dictionary entry goes on to tell us that during this later half of life, the body becomes mo re prone to wear and tear, as well as be more susceptible to illness. (The free dictionary, 2012) This gives us a good basis as to what we can expect an aged person to be affected with, as well as what he or she may be experiencing. This also tells us about what to expect in terms of interactions with them. The process by which a person ages differs for each individual. Each person can age in a slightly different manner from everyone else, but there are general descriptions or processes about aging that is common amongst everyone. According to, the aging process happens all over the body. The pace may be different for each individual but everyone ages. (2012). Here are some of common aging signs mentioned in the article: Weakening of connective tissue in the bladder, making it harder to store urine Loss of weight between ages 55-75 due to loss of lean muscle mass Bones become brittle Gradual loss of brain tissue In women, decrease in the size of breasts due to dec rease in the size of mammary glands Gradual loss of the ability to hear higher frequencies Skin wrinkles Hair thins and grays out Decrease in hormone output The body’s immune system becomes weaker Slower metabolism Decreased ability to smell Slower mental and physical response Women go through menopause Decreased sense of taste What is consumer participation? What does it entail? This section is dedicated to understanding what consumer participation is, why it is important in relation to the paper’s end goal of preparing the institution for accreditation, and how it can be applied to the day-to-day situation of the nursing care practitioners. According to, in essence, consumer participation entails getting the patient involved in choosing what he feels would be

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Biology Questions Essay Example for Free

Biology Questions Essay Q: Summarize the steps of the scientific method. Describe an experiment of your choice, which demonstrates the basic considerations that must be taken in the design of a good, manipulative experiment. Now that you know some details of how scientists solve problems, how might you apply that knowledge to your daily life? A: The scientific method is one of the most if not the most important method that scientists use to learn about the earth. The goal is to apply the scientific method to determine a cause and effect relationship. The scientific method is made up of five detailed steps, these steps are: I. Make an observation A scientist sees something that he cannot explain, but is very interested and would like to explain the phenomenon. II. Ask Questions After the observation is seen, the scientist comes up with a group of questions such as who, what, where, why, and how. These questions significantly help the scientist narrow down the effects of the phenomenon. III. Develop a Hypothesis A hypothesis is a proposition set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts. This hypothesis must have the ability to be either true, or false. IV. Make Predictions If the hypothesis is correct, scientists will make a prediction on how they think the experiment will end. This helps them have a starting point if the hypothesis is correct. V. Test the Predictions Experimental tests may lead to the confirmation of the prediction, or to the corruption of a prediction. If the hypothesis is not correct, the scientific method requires that the hypothesis must be modified. The prediction must agree with the experiment to believe that it is a valid description of nature. A great experiment that demonstrates the basic considerations that must be taken in the design of a good, manipulative experiment is Galileo’s leaning tower of Pisa experiment. Galileo had two balls of different masses, one heavy, and one light, and dropped them at the same time off of the leaning tower of Pisa. Galileo used the scientific method to make and prediction that their time of descent was independent of their mass. He found out that the objects fell at the same acceleration, proving hid hypothesis to be true, and also proving Aristotle’s theory of gravity to be false. I will apply the scientific method to my daily life in many ways. When I see an interesting observation that I do not know of, I will now create a mini hypothesis that applies to the observation. I will then ask some questions as in what is it? Or how does it do that? Etc. I will then either research the task at hand, or create my own demonstration on the phenomenon. If my hypothesis does not agree with the conclusion, I will re apply a new hypothesis and begin again. I enjoy learning new information and think this will be very amusing. Q: Describe the difference between anthropocentrism, biocentrism, and ecocentrism. Tell which of these positions your views of the environment most closely approximate. Why? A: Anthropocentrism is the tendency that human beings regarding themselves as the most significant entities in the universe. While Biocentrism is an ethical point of view that extends value to non-human species. Ecocentrism is used to regard a nature-centered system of values, as opposed to human and non-human centered. The position that I deem approximate to my view would be the Ecocentrism system of values. The reason I chose Ecocentrism is because in my opinion, a nature-centered sustem of values is very safe and rewarding. Too many people are human-centered and only care about themselves in this world. The Anthropocentrism people are destroying our environment on this planet by not caring about preserving this earth. If we are all nature-centered and do our best everyday to help preserve this earth, we can all change the world together and keep the air clean, the ground picked up, and the streets worry free for our future generation.

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Target Markets for Different Companies Essay -- Corn Flakes, Disney Wo

Identify possible target markets for the following products: A. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes C. Disney World B. Wilsons Tennis Rackets D. Diet Pepsi A. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes: When I think about Kellogg’s target market for their classic corn flakes to me the marketing is simple. A wholesome product for your family, a breakfast staple for many homes for many years. In recent years Kellogg has marketed corn flakes to the average American family of 4 or more with middle and upper middle class income, and a busy lifestyle. A big opportunity for them has been the fact that this generation of US consumers are concerned more than ever about healthy food, we also have very hectic lives. So touting corn flakes as a healthy breakfast that is quick is a perfect way to appeal to a variety of families. In 2012 they launched a campaign geared towards reminding consumers about the simplicity of the ingredients in their oldest brands, one of them corn flakes with only 4 ingredients. Jogging the memories of consumers that they have always been a healthy, easy delicious choice for breakfast. Reiterating that this is not a new concept for Kellogg’s, but one th ey have been valuing for 100 years. Communicating to families that they know the modern family has a busy life and not much time for a healthy breakfast, corn flakes satisfies that need. The colors they use on their corn flakes box even accentuate this idea. The three colors green, red and yellow all represent different things to consumers. Green represents the environment, nature and organics. Red indicates energy, and a sense of urgency. Lastly, yellow signifies sunshine energy and happiness (Coffin, 2011). They also subtly target children with these three bright colors in a simple almos... ... a cola option that is â€Å"guilt free†. They also push the fact that it tastes the same as regular Pepsi telling them they don’t have to sacrifice taste for lower calories like most diet products. The target women is in her 20’s and 30’s single, dating age so she watches her weight. Diet Pepsi is a great option for her at the bar as well. She is middle class to upper middle class in a city, and she has no children. She dates a lot and is outgoing, she drinks and eats diet products because like all women her age she wants to look good and dreads going up a pants size. â€Æ' Works Cited AECOM. (2013). Theme Park Attendance Report for 2012. Wikipedia. Coffin, D. (2011, November 14). Color Psychology and Online Marketing. Retrieved from

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Virtual Organization Employment Law

Globalization and the development of the Internet technology have brought serious changes in our world today. It is as if the other side of the world is just a few seconds away. Countries which previously closed their borders to the international community were forced to open up. People who were previously isolated from the rest of the world are now being brought together by the necessity for survival in this competitive world. The desire for strong trading relations with other countries forced countries to build political alliances with other countries. Corporations need to continuously grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumers. Riordan Manufacturing Inc is no exception. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is currently the leader in the field of plastic injection molding. Its mission is to provide innovative solutions, products and services at a reasonable cost and to develop long-term relationships with its customers. To meet the demands of its world-wide clientele it opened its facilities in San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hangzhou, China. These changes, however, which were brought about by globalization also created complexities on the part of the employers insofar as employee management is concerned. The differences in cultural identities and the unique practices of employees are bound to create employee-related problems for the company. With the congregation of different people, each having his own identity, in one single company, tension and conflicts were likewise created. (Diana Ayton-Shankar) Discrimination and sexual harassment issues are also bound to arise which the company is bound to anticipate. Research shows that in a study conducted by the National Organization for Woman, they found that 80% of women surveyed in a wide variety of industries had been sexually harassed. The EEOC now handles some 5,000 new sexual harassment cases annually, double the caseload of only a few years ago. (David J. Bowman) If these concerns will not be addressed by the company, then the company may expose itself to suits. There was a case in San Francisco wherein the jury awarded the amount of more than $7M to a legal secretary harassed by a male partner in a law firm for failing to act swiftly on a sexual harassment complaint. Gerald D. Bloch) Thus, creating a non hostile and friendly working environment should also be one of the top priorities of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. Discrimination Issues in the Workplace Since the business organization is composed of personnel coming from different countries, there is a possibility that the company may have in its employ Americans and Asians. The possib ility, therefore, of racial discrimination and sexual harassment issues among the employees is not remote. In a multi-racial organization, racial discrimination is a pressing issue which must be properly be addressed by the management. Some Managers, consciously or unconsciously prefer white employees over the black employees or Asians, considering that Riordan has facilities in China. In some business organization, the white Americans are given better work opportunities than Black Americans or Asians. In some organizations, most black employees are being hired for rank-and-file positions or they are disqualified for promotion on the simple basis of their color or race. Another issue that the Riordan Manufacturing Inc may encounter is gender discrimination. Although the labor laws expressly prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace, it is still being practiced in several business organizations. For example if Riordan Manufacturing, Inc prefers to hire male applicants over a female applicant though they are similarly qualified for the position, it will be an outright discrimination on the ground of gender discrimination. As mentioned, there is always the possibility that sexual harassment may occur in Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Sexual Harassment is defined by the EEOC as any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when: a) submission to the conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly as condition of an individual’s employment, or b) submission to or rejection of the conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, or c) the conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. â€Å"Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Fact Sheet For Employees†) State and Federal Statutes on the matter of discrimination are clear. Job treatment which includes the hiring of employees, firing of employees, and promotions of employees, must be based on qualifications and merit and not on race, gender, age, sexual preference, disability. (â€Å"Workplace Harassment and Employment Di scrimination†) In these cases, it is not only the legal duty of every Human Resource Manager but its ethical duty as well to incorporate in its policy manual the rules against discrimination. They must include in their policy manual that the management does not tolerate any form of discrimination in the business organization. It must define the acts that constitute discrimination. The policy manual must likewise include the procedure for filing of complaint against the person who utters discriminatory remarks or practices discrimination in the workplace and the penalty for those who will be found guilty after investigation is conducted. Indeed, communication is a key to avoiding discrimination in the workplace. There must be communication by the employer in the sense that they must inform their employees that discrimination will not be tolerated by the company and that any incident of discrimination will be seriously dealt with. There must also be communication between the offended party in the sense that both parties must be given by the management opportunity to meet so that the offending party may know that the act or remark given is offensive and discriminatory. It is possible that the other person does not have any knowledge or idea that the remark he has just uttered or the act he has just committed is offensive to the sensibilities of another. If despite the fact that he has confronted and communicated his feelings to the other person he still continues making discriminatory acts and remarks, the victim of discrimination must seek assistance from his supervisors. If there is no company policy against discriminatory acts, the victim of discrimination must report and notify immediately his immediate superior, the supervisor or the Human Resource Manager so that this could be acted upon. To strongly implement the policy against discrimination sanctions against those who have proven to commit such acts must be put in place. Among the sanctions that could be imposed are written warning, letter of reprimand, suspension, change of job or class assignment and termination or expulsion. Conclusion I have identified three major discrimination issues that is likely to happen in Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. and explained the manner by which the company may address these issues. Indeed, discrimination issues in the workplace should not be treated as something which ordinarily happens in the workplace. It can be avoided. A friendly, nondiscriminatory, and non-hostile environment is not a utopia. The task therefore of Managers is to anticipate these problems or if it already exists in the workplace the Managers must find solutions to these problems. Indeed, the failure to resolve these issues may lead to serious losses to the employer as it affects the performance of the employee involved.

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Gatsby And The American Dream - 1180 Words

The American Dream and Gatsby’s Dream in the gigantic city of New York during the roaring 20’s have many similarities. Gatsby becomes lost in his journey to his dream through life when getting re-acquainted with a young â€Å"golden† girl by the name of Daisy. He falls in love with her at such a young age it seems that this is the only girl for him. His only dream is to get Daisy. It’s sad to say due to Gatsbys tunnel vision and isolation, he struggles to create or maintain close relationships in the present because he is trapped in the past. It’s as if Gatsby would give up parts of his dream just to be with Daisy and by attempting to do this he loses sight of reality. Even though he seems lost, his sheer determination to get what he wants is†¦show more content†¦Finally, theres the yellow car that symbolizes Gatsbys deep love for Daisy and his dream. â€Å"It was a rich cream color, bright with nickel, swollen here and there in its monstrous length with triumphant hat-boxes and supper-boxes and toolboxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a dozen suns† (51). The huge yellow car with many mirrors blinds him, also it symbolizes Gatsby’s vast luxury and greed when Fitzgerald describes Daisy as a golden girl. Gatsby throughout Fitzgerald’s Book is unable to control his emotions when staring at Daisy, and because of this, he loses control of his reality. Gatsby never seems able to make close friend many of his so-called friends just show up to his house to party and they rarely if ever talk or even see him. When Nick arrives a Gatsby’s house he’s unable to find him. â€Å"As soon as I arrived I made an attempt to find my host, but the two or three people of whom I asked his whereabouts stared at me in such an amazed way and denied so vehemently any knowledge of his movements, that I slunk off in the direction of the cocktail table – the only place in the garden where a single man could linger without looking purposeless and alone† (35). Gatsby hangs in the background and is very isolated from his â€Å"friends† at his parties and very rarely seen. Fitzgerald sees New York as being like one of Gatsbys parties, only less glamorous and full of people, and full of loneliness. Here you can see that Mr. Gatz (Jay’s father)Show MoreRelatedGatsby And The American Dream2062 Words   |  9 PagesThe G reat Gatsby and the American Dream Having money, a big house, and a happy family is the epitome of what the American Dream is really about. In the book The Great Gatsby, the upper class people like Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, live their younger years abusing their wealth without thinking about the affect they have on themselves, as well as others and what the American Dream is truly about. The meaning of the American Dream can be looked at from different perspectives. So manyRead MoreThe Great Gatsby and the American Dream1401 Words   |  6 PagesThe Real American Dream Since its institution, the United States has been revered as the ultimate land of ceaseless opportunity. People all around the world immigrated to America to seek quick wealth, which was predominately seen in the new Modern era. Beginning in the late 1800s to the early 1900s, the period introduced progressive ideas into society and the arts. Accompanying these ideas was a loss of faith in the American Dream and the promise America once guaranteed, especially after WorldRead MoreThe Great Gatsby and the American Dream1442 Words   |  6 PagesPursuit of Happiness. This sentiment can be considered the foundation of the American Dream, the dream that everyone has the ability to become what he or she desires to be. While many people work to attain their American dream, others believe that the dream is seemingly impossible to reach, like F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby examines the Jazz-Age generations search for the elusive American Dream of wealth and happiness and scrutinizes the consequences of that generationsRead MoreThe American Dream : The Great Gatsby Essay1568 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream: The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a tragic love story on the surface, but its most commonly understood as a suspicious critic of the American Dream. In the novel Jay Gatsby overcomes his poor past to gain an incredible amount of money and a limited amount of social cache of in the 1920s NYC, only to be rejected by the â€Å"old money† crowd. The focus of my paper would be the pathway towards the American Dream and how it affects the person and others around. The American dreamRead MoreGatsby American Dream Essay1698 Words   |  7 PagesThe American dream is defined as â€Å"an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative† (Google). There were many conflicts that interfered with trying to reach each individual s dream. Each character had their own meaning of their dream, Jay Gatsby especially. He had a big impact in his life, Daisy, which led to failure in his own American dream. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby almost lived out his American dream, by findingRead MoreThe American Dream ( The Great Gatsby )1173 Words   |  5 PagesSLIDE. *POINTS TO PICTURE LIVING IN THE AMERICAN DREAM (THE GREAT GATSBY). Did anyone notice anything that caused a change in society between these two pictures? *POINTS TO SOMEONE WITH ONE OF THE ANSWERS TO THE QUIZ/QUESTION. READS OUT THE RAPID ECONOMIC BOOMING AND GREED. *NEXT SLIDE. That’s correct! During the 1920s of the Jazz Age in concurrence with the â€Å"Roaring Twenties†, America had experienced a rapid economic booming after World War I. The American society experienced an economic and politicalRead MoreThe Great Gatsby American Dream1414 Words   |  6 Pagesfilm is based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It follows Jay Gatsby, a man who molds his life around one desire: to be reunited with Daisy Buchanan, the love he lost five years earlier. Gatsby s quest leads him from poverty to wealth, into the arms of his beloved, and eventually to death. Nick Caraway is the narrator, or storyteller, of The Great Gatsby, as well as Daisy s cousin who happens to live next door to Great Gatsby. Daisy represents the paragon of perfection. She has the aura of charmRead MoreAmerican Dream In The Great Gatsby1366 Words   |  6 PagesThe American Dream has various implications for diverse individuals. For some people, the concept implies that one can accomplish his or her objectives and goals through living this dream. To others, it provides a beacon of hope, as an open door that individuals desperately desire to enter in pursuit of opportunities. The Americans after World War I, boosted by the emotions of the war, had an uncontrollable vigor about accomplishing and displaying an extravagant way of life and achieving a high socialRead MoreGatsby American Dream Essay1363 Words   |  6 Pages The American Dream The great Gatsby is a classic novel in which money is centered around everything. All Jay Gatsby wants to do is live the American dream. Some say Gatsby did live the American dream. Though Gatsby made lots of money and threw tons of parties their was one thing he was missing. The thing Gatsby was missing was a peaceful state of mind and a lover. In this book written by Scott Fitzgerald called The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby finds out the American Dream isn t attainableRead MoreGatsby Essay : The American Dream1051 Words   |  5 PagesThe American Dream is achievable depending on your perspective and/or attitude. One person can look at the glass as half full, or half empty. Throughout The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby is not able to achieve his dream while Sofia, from the book How the Garcà ­a Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez, was able to. It all depended on how they looked upon achieving their goal. In the end, the American dream is to be surrounded by what makes you happy and what you have achieved. Sofia